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What Snow Inspires

Today it snowed more than I ever expected it to, here in NOVA. For some reason the snow inspired me to do something somewhat out of the ordinary. Usually, I would stay inside, drink hot chocolate, and stay warm but instead I went for a walk. Actually, it was about a four mile walk to Lake Braddock and back home.

Without the snow and one red plant it would have been a gloomy day. The snow brought a brightness and the plant brought color. They both were signs of joy in the winter season. Joy is the theme for Advent this week. Hearing the word joy always reminds of one of my favorite parts of the Christmas story. The one when Mary goes to visit Elizabeth and John the baptist leaps in Elizabeth's womb. It must be so joyful for a mother to have there child move in the womb and this joy is a sign of the baby that is about to be born in Mary's womb.

When I decided to write this blog, I had even thought about talking about that story but again thinking about snow and joy inspired me to dig deeper. As I walked today, I began to dream of a time when I would get to go out west to the national parks to hike snow capped mountains and color canyons. Not only do I want to hike, I also want to white water raft, horse back ride, rock climb, kayak, and paddle board. Guess what, I even want to try skiing again which I never thought I would say. I would also like to try snow boarding and ice climbing. This week I watched a streamed video of youth and young adults from the inner city going on an ice climbing trip. I think my excitement to try things in cold places has come from watching that video and also talking to the family I live with about skiing.

If nothing else, this pandemic has taught me to find everyday joys again and dream again.

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