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Warm Weather = Visiting Memorials

What do you do when you when is almost 70 degrees in December and you live in Washington, DC?

Well, yesterday I walked to the National Mall to see the Lincoln Memorial and to the Tidal Basin to see the MLK Memorial and FDR Memorial. During my visit, I found quotes that spoke to me and made me pause and reflect.

Throughout history, we have faced the challenge of finding ways to create a world of peace and justice for all. There have been leaders who have stood for justice and peace such as Lincoln, Roosevelt, and King. These three men, in some ways, set examples for us all to show us how as we as individuals can stand up for justice and peace.

The words of these three leaders teach us about what justice and peace mean. They fought for equality in many ways because they believed that through equal rights for all, justice and peace would become present. We also see that Eleanor Roosevelt was an advocate for peace too.

As I reflect on what these leaders said and did in their lives these questions come to mind:

  • What role can I play in fighting for justice?

  • How can I create peace?

  • Where do I need to be to make a difference in the world?

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